About PBNJ

PBNJ is a suite of tools to monitor changes on a network over time. It does this by checking for changes on the target machine(s), which includes the details about the services running on them as well as the service state. PBNJ parses the data from a scan and stores it in a database. PBNJ uses Nmap to perform scans.

What can PBNJ do for me?

Depending on what you need, PBNJ can do various things. It is able to give a layout of a class network. It can also be run as an automated scanning tool parsing the data to CSV format files and growing an in-depth view of a network over time.

Latest News

Contact - Twitter

If you have comments or suggestions on PBNJ, please feel free to contact me twitter @Jabra. http://twitter.com/jabra

June 17 08 - TESTING Before a 2.05 release

I am happy with status of the code-base and I am going to prepare for a release sometime soon. If you are using PBNJ and you would like to do some testing of the newest release, I would really appreciate it. I think the two main focus points of testing should be using a postgres or mysql database to store the results. Also, I would love to get more SQL queries included in PBNJ.

There is a mailing list if you want to help out improving PBNJ or if you want to make suggestions or submit questions. The mailing list is: pbnj-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.

Nov 17 07 - Happy Birthday PBNJ!

PBNJ is 2 years old. There is a new website in the works along with the new Logo. I plan to release a 2.05 version soon. If you have any feature requests please submit them soon. Patches are always appreciated as well.

April 29 07 - Logo Review

My friend made a few logos for PBNJ, and I wanted to get everyone's opinion on them.

Logo Review

To submit your choice, send me email to my address < jabra -on- spl0it.org >
with the SUBJECT as : PBNJ LOGO . Please include the number of the logo you like best and a reason if you want.

April 5 07 - Public SVN Repo

So a few days ago I decided that I needed to setup SVN if I want more people to join this project. Therefore, I setup the setup the repo using the sourceforge provided subversion repo. The branch is the latest version with all my patches applied. Let me know what you think.

svn co https://pbnj.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pbnj/branch pbnj

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Certificate information:
- Hostname: *.svn.sourceforge.net
- Valid: from Oct 27 12:05:58 2006 GMT until Oct 28 13:05:58 2007 GMT
- Issuer: Equifax Secure Certificate Authority, Equifax, US
- Fingerprint: f2:6c:fe:bb:82:92:30:09:72:dd:1c:b3:e7:56:69:c7:7a:df:67:3e

Mar 25 07 - Using Alternative ( Postgres & MySQL )

This weekend I have been working on documenting connecting PBNJ to Postgres & MySQL. This started because I was working on a small bug with DBD::SQLite which caused an annoying warning message to be printed. I made a patch and built a new Debian package. Since I wanted to make sure everything was working properly, I knew I needed to test this patch to make sure all the databases would work properly. Therefore, I started working on building this documentation for setting up MySQL and Postgres for PBNJ. I kicked off a few scans, then I made a few changes to verify the changes were being stored properly.

This is where the fun began....

more to come

The Documentation is available here:
PBNJ using a Postgres Backend
PBNJ using a MySQL Backend

Thanks Ben, for helping out with testing and the docs for mysql.

Jan 21 07 - BLU Talk at MIT (Slides and Audio Posted!)

Tonight I gave a talk at BLU (www.blu.org) similar to my talk at LinuxWorld. This talk was more technical than the talk I gave in San Fran. I really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone who came, as it was one cold night in Boston.

Dynamic Network Mapping (PBNJ + Nmap) - pdf slides
Audio from the talk (ogg)
Audio from the talk (mp3)
Talk Description

Jan 10 07 - Sysadmin Feature Article Feb 07

I wrote an article describing PBNJ and the process of setting up an automated scanning / alerting system. This will hopefully spread the word about the project and get more people involved. Thanks to everyone who helped out!!!

Click here to see the article

Nov 21 06 - PBNJ package in Debian

So PBNJ 2.04 has been accepted and is currently in Debian Unstable. It will be merged into the next version of Ubuntu, which is Feisty.

Nov 15 06 - PBNJ 2.04 Release - 1 Year

So I am impressed with how far the project has come since I started it last year. I have various things in the works. For instance the Debian package is pending acceptance. Also, I have a friend of mine who is working on an rpm. Also, I will be speaking at the Boston Linux & Unix User Group this January. Click here for more details

Oct 24 06 - PBNJ package for FreeBSD and Gentoo

New Website! I got sick of the same old dull boring website. It just wasnt cutting it. Therefore, I sat down and redesigned the site. Hope you like it. Also, PBNJ has now been accepted to both FreeBSD and Gentoo. I would like to thank all those who helped make this possible. Next up Debian!

Aug 30 06 - LinuxWorld Talk posted

I gave a talk at LinuxWorld San Fran in the Security Track. The talk went really well and everyone had great questions.

The slides for the talk can be found:
IDG Link - Dynamic Network Mapping LinuxWorld 2006 (html)
Dynamic Network Mapping LinuxWorld 2006 (odp)
Dynamic Network Mapping LinuxWorld 2006 (pdf)

Aug 15 06 - PBNJ 2.02 Release for LinuxWorld 2006

The PBNJ 2.0 is completely different from PBNJ 1.0. The most drastic change is that PBNJ 2.0 stores the information from a scan in database. It also has queries that can extract the information that is most useful to the user. When the user wants to extract information, PBNJ extracts the information into a Perl data structure, so there can be multiple output methods such as tab, csv and html. PBNJ 2.0 can also accept input from Nmap in XML format. This allows PBNJ to be more flexbile than version 1.0.